The Ultimate NFL Week 1 Betting Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate NFL Week 1 Betting Cheat Sheet It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The bitter sweet ending of summer is always greeted by the start of the football season to make cold weather and sweaters seem a little less depressing. Set your fantasy lineups, make your survivor pool picks, but don’t click away without getting a full […]

Top 10 Gambling Movies Ever Made

People are fascinated by gambling, the thrill making it an attractive activity. Most people have actually gambled at various parts of their lives: guessing at a question on a test, playing rock-paper-scissors, asking someone on a date. Gambling might be featured in the film industry because it’s something that most people are familiar with. In fact, some of the most […]

Fortnite Could Become the Next Big eSport

If you can’t make an educated guess as to who the winner of a sports match will be, you’re better off trying your luck on the roulette wheel. For a video game to become the subject of gambling it should first be an eSport with tracked statistics. Fortnite gained a lot of interest lately.  With at least 45 million players […]