How to win at horse racing

when you want to get your horse to the race you have to consider different things. Planning is essential a 100% because if you don’t you will end up loosing at the end. The things to consider before taking a race include:1. The horse you chooseYou have to go for the best horse. The horse that has the highest chances to win. For you to do this you need the daily racing form which you can buy upon entering the track. The daily racing form has a lot of stats and figures that will guide you Once you are conversant with the form you will have good ideas of which horse will win the race. 2. Looking at earlier set speed figureslf your horse is good, healthy and strong or simply meaning you have a classier horse the more the chances are that your horse will perform up the standard of its previous pace and speed. The pace in every race will tell you whether your horse qualifies for any of the big races.

There two things in consideration should be pace and speed. -Pace Projections- Pace is the rate at which a race is run. Scanning the first performances will help estimate the pace of the current race and determines which horse will win the race. Pace shows that a horse can withstand any race.-Speed Projections- Speed and pace are totally different. Speed shows the horses ability to pass other less speedy horses as they near the finish line. 3. DistanceThe racing tracks can be of different sizes and highly affects the chances of a horse to win. If a horse is is used to running in small track fields and is taken to a large track, that means it will not withstand the distance at a good speed. If you are in a track which is set for high furlongs and your horse is whooping less than the required, you are sure not to bet on that horse. Distance, Pace and Speed go hand in hand when it comes to horse racing.

If one of the things is not considered as a necessity the probability of loosing is very high. Looking at how your horse performs in different distances gives a clue of how your horse can perform in different lengths. 4. Kind of Track and different weatherlt is very important to have a horse that can run in different tracks considering the track form. Every horse has a preferred track, whether its dirt or turf. Track bias can lead to you loosing your race. You should have a horse that can run on any kind of surfaces because if the bettors know that your horse is only good in a certain surface they will decide to make it hard for you.Not forgetting about the weather, you should put into consideration that it might rain making the tracks muddy. Take into account how your horse has performed in this kind of whether. 5. Post PositionYou should look in the list of the horse’s post position from her previous races. You need to check on her post position in the previous race.You can compare her post position with other horse. If one horse seems speedier in a previous race which resembles the one you are about to bet on, know that this horse will be a serious competition.